Illinois Search and Cash Seizures Law

Every criminal defense attorney in Chicago has encountered it: A client’s cash assets are taken by authorities at O’Hare Airport with little or no explanation.

Illinois Prison Inmates Allowed to talk to Attorneys on Phone

Illinois Department of Corrections officials say they have restored attorney-client phone calls at Stateville and Hill prisons, acknowledging that pandemic-related restrictions on inmate movement had forced officials to temporarily suspend the calls.

Chicago’s Defense Lawyer: Eddie Genson

From the Chicago Tribune author JASON MEISNER: Storied Chicago defense lawyer Edward Genson combined street smarts with a brilliant legal mind Read Full Article Here

Cook County Jail Hunger Strike

COVID-19 has peaked the levels of all citizens in the US, including those incarcerated. Cook County inmates have begun denying ordinary nourishment, a form of hunger strike, in the hopes of receiving better treatment and conditions in their county jail in the heart of Chicago, Illinois.

Illinois DUI Realities and Risks

Arrests are terrifying. Even when the arrestee believes they’re innocent or has legitimate reasons for their actions, being detained by authorities can be so harrowing that they forget they’re owed due process.

Addiction Strikes Attorneys

Given the intensity of workweeks, averaging 60 hours, this should come as no surprise that lawyers have increasingly turned to unhealthy ways to cope with … Read more

Motive vs. Action

One of the first things they teach you in an intro to law course is what the courts focus on. The parts of an accusation … Read more