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Conspiracy and Intent to Deliver

“I hired Mr. Johnson for a big case, a class X intent to deliver, we talked and after that, I hired him.  He is a true trial lawyer as well as the other lawyers in his defense team.  He did a great job getting the evidence suppressed. He went through everything with me.  He is very hands on and meticulous. I knew I was going to win my case with him and we did win the case. Everything came out clean.  He is a great person and I recommend him to all of you who are looking for a lawyer. Thank you Mr. Johnson.”

– Drug Possession Client

Intent to deliver and possession

“I was facing a class X intent to deliver and class 1 possession and was facing 9 years in prison. I hired Mr. Johnson and he researched […] and worked very [hard] for me. He got my case completely dropped and remained extremely professional. He is an amazing lawyer and very intelligent man. I would highly recommend Edward to anyone and would hire him again if I needed a lawyer. #1”

– Drug Possession Client

I ..Highly…Highly Recommend!!

“My life was about to change for the worse. I needed a lawyer who would LISTEN/CARE/ AND THEN DEFEND. I searched and found Edward David Johnson III I explained my accusations to him and he listened with empathy. Mr. Johnson has been very understanding in the situation and never once made me feel like he wasn’t interested. He made me feel like this was just as important to him as it was to me. Mr. Johnson reassured me that he would do what he could to make this as painless as possible. Every time I called for a question or to give him some information, he was available and never made we wait for a call back. The STRESS of knowing you’re future is OVERWHELMING but I put my STRESS and WORRIES in the right hands: God & Mr. Johnson. I would recommend Edward David Johnson III for anyone in need of help. I was very IMPRESSED with the way he handled my case and Remained PROFESSIONAL at all times. Mr. Edward David Johnson III will ALWAYS be in MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS FOR THE REST OF MY FREE LIFE”

–  Client

Possession of controlled substance

“I highly recommend Edward Johnson as your attorney. I came to Edward with my possession of controlled substance and manufacturing/delivery case, which are felonies. I explained to him that I couldn’t have that on my record, that my job depended on it. He was completely honest and told me no lawyer could promise me anything But he would do his best to represent me and beat those charges. When my first court date came it wasn’t looking so good due to my priors, but he still managed to get the felonies dropped with no jail time! He really got me exactly what I asked for and I couldn’t be more pleased.”

– Drug Possession Client

DUI defense

“Edward Johnson served as my lawyer for a DUI charge. He was able to spot weaknesses in the city’s case and negotiate a very good plea bargain. In my own case, there were still consequences (classes, community service, supervision), but my license wasn’t suspended and there is no conviction on the DUI. I am grateful for his work.”

– DUI Client

Speechless (DUI Case)

“All I can say is that out of the 9 charges I had he managed to drop most of them ( I ended up with 3 all misdemeanors, family and friends could not believe it). Seriously the guy is awesome give him a call you won’t regret it, great attitute, SUPER affordable and he will do everything in his power to make sure you get the best deal possible. I got a DUI that involved an accident when I was visiting Chicago and even though I reside in California he took care of everything from there. I am definitely planning on taking him with me to court when my 12 month court supervision is over. Thank you so MUCH Edward! God bless you.”

– DUI Client

Edward Johnson

“I was very pleased with Mr Johnson’s services, he was very professional and got my felony case completely dismissed, I also hired him for a couple misdemeanor cases which he also got dismissed…”

– Felony DUI Client

He goes the EXTRA MILE

“Edward Johnson III is an excellent attorney. I had retained him for a legal issue in the summer of 2014. He was very responsive, attentive, demonstrated strong comprehension and concern of the details regarding the issue at hand. He is very thorough in his work, a hard worker, a consummate professional and goes the extra mile to make sure that justice is properly dispensed for his client. I was very pleased with his work and the peace of mind I gained by having Edward Johnson tackling the legal issues I was going through. And all in all, his work paid off and judgement was won in my favor. He will always get my recommendation.”

– Litigation Client

Highly Recommended

“I recently was caught speeding in a construction zone and was coming off a speeding ticket from a few months earlier. I knew a major implication and a hefty fine was coming my way. Edward David Johnson stepped in and was able to reach a plea agreement with minimum fine and four month supervision in one court date.”

– Speeding Ticket, Cook County

Hard-working, very attentive and outstanding attorney!

“Edward Johnson has done an excellent job representing me on my criminal case. He is very hands on and attentive. Exactly what I wanted from an attorney.”

– Criminal Defense client


“He was very accessible at any time of the day. If he was unable to talk on the phone he would text you back and then return your call as soon as he was able to. He treated my case like he was defending himself. I felt well defended through my entire case and the best part is we won. Professional and organized. Winning attitude and straight forward.”

– DUI client

Highly Recommend!!

“I was referred to Ed thru a client and was MORE than satisfied with the results. He was very informative and helpful and I would most definitely use him again!! (hopefully i wont have to)”

– Criminal Defense client

On your side

“I know nothing about the law and I hired Edward Johnson, and he not only meet my expectations he also put my mind at ease. Very knowledgeable and professional. If I’m ever in need of an attorney in the future, I would not hesitate to call Mr. Johnson.”

– Criminal Defense client

Awesome Lawyer!

“I was extremely impressed with how Edward managed my case. He was very organized and informative throughout the whole process, being sure to follow up with me whenever necessary. His confidence helped ease my nerves as he demonstrated his knowledge in court. Edward helped me meet my goal and I would recommend him to anyone.”

– Reckless driving, Downer’s Grove, DuPage County Client

Exceptional Service and Professionalism

“Edward was great to work with. He is a great communicator and really helped me improve my situation. He has a different perspective than most and it is a real asset. Edward has literally changed my life. I can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend working with him.”

– Acquitted Sex Assault (DNA) , Cook County

I would highly recommend Mr. Johnson!

“Mr. Johnson helped me resolve a complex criminal matter I was experiencing. Mr. Johnson informed me that he works with several lawyers with twelve, twenty-nine and thirty-nine years of experience with Cook County criminal defense matters. His approach, energy, organization, and preparation made up for any lack of experience. Everything was resolved and now I am waiting for the time to file my Expungement papers. I would highly recommend Mr. Johnson.”

– Innocent Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Cook County

Everything went smoothly!

“Mr. Johnson handled my case in an extremely professional manner. Everything went smoothly in court and even after my case was closed he continued to provide me with advice to prevent future issues in regard to the incident. Mr. Johnson was communicative, timely, and treated me with respect. I highly recommend Mr. Johnson to anyone who is looking for a reputable criminal lawyer.”

– Disorderly Conduct, Chicago Client

Exactly what I was looking for in a lawyer!

“I needed a lawyer for a misdemeanor traffic case. I hired Mr. Johnson after calling several other lawyers I found online. Mr. Johnson was available to talk on the phone and was extremely helpful. I know my case was not a big case in terms of all the types of case in Chicago, but Mr. Johnson treated my case as if it was a big case and it was a big case to me.”

– Misdemeanor Traffic Case, Chicago client

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