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Understanding Unlawful Use Of A Weapon Charges in Illinois

In Illinois, UUW charges can be applied to a wide range of weapons violations. Examples include:

Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit
Carrying a gun outside your home or place of business
Possession of a silencer
– Transporting a firearm in a car without a valid firearm owner identification (FOID) card

Punishments for UUW Offenses

Illinois law provides the definitions, offenses, and penalties pertaining to UUW charges in the state. While many violations of this statute are classified as misdemeanors, an offender could face felony charges depending on the circumstances.

  • If someone has a FOID card but was carrying an unloaded gun in an improper way, that person could be charged with a misdemeanor UUW. An UUW that is considered a Class A misdemeanor carries a maximum punishment of up to one year in jail and a fine up to $2,500. Court Supervision or Conditional Discharge is possible.
  • Aggravated UUW carries harsher penalties in Illinois. If an individual carries a loaded gun on his or her person or in his or her vehicle without a FOID card and a Concealed Carry Permit, he or she can be arrested for Aggravated UUW. This means even visitors from out of state must comply with Illinois gun laws, or they could face such charges as well.
  • Illinois residents can also be arrested and charged with a UUW if their FOID card is expired. Not realizing a FOID card had expired is not a plausible defense to a UUW or Aggravated UUW charge.
  • An Aggravated UUW in Illinois is a Class 4 felony with the possibility of one to three years in prison. The majority of prosecutors are unwilling to negotiate for anything less than jail time regarding a UUW or an Aggravated UUW charge. 

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