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Our Chicago attorneys want to win and specialize in providing you with the best criminal defense litigation period. Our firm understands the immense pressure that comes with facing criminal charges. We specialize in protecting your constitutional rights by fighting to suppress any evidence unlawfully seized. We provide you with the best defense for your charges and make sure you have a full understanding of what is going to happen in your case.

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Criminal Defense & Civil Asset Forfeiture Attorneys

Edward Johnson & Associates P.C. is a full-service criminal defense and civil asset forfeiture law firm in Chicago.  We handle criminal defense and civil forfeiture matters in State and Federal court ranging from First Degree Murder, Class X, 1, 2, 3, and 4 Felonies, DUI, UUWs, Misdemeanors, and Asset Forfeiture or Cash Seizures.

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Thousands of satisfied clients in the Chicago area have been helped by the experienced attorneys of Edward Johnson & Associates P.C. For years, our defense lawyers have consistently obtained successful results for our clients.

Our attorneys pride themselves on being a competitive team that wants to win. After you hire an attorney from Edward Johnson and Associates P.C., you can feel at ease knowing you will get the best results possible. Contact us or call 708-606-4386 for a free consultation today!

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The attorneys at Edward Johnson and Associates P.C. take pride in providing the best legal defense team for our clients. Our clients agree that we are one of the highest rated criminal law firms in Illinois. When your life is on the line don’t settle for a solo attorney, get the best legal defense team money can buy.

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