Policymakers have struggled to keep up with technological advances ever since the creation of the world wide web. In this case, cell-phone trackers are no different. Police across Illinois may be in for some big changes, however, as a new proposal by lawmakers may make it harder for cops to track down your cell-phone information.

The constitutionality of the Stingray device is continually questioned today. This invasive, spy device acts as a fake cell phone tower, tricking cell phones in its’ vicinity to send the location and cell phone information of the targeted suspecter’s cell phone. Despite these devices’ good intentions, this tracker picks up thousands of bystander’s cell phone information when trying to find a suspect in that area. Private policymakers and legal scholars have quoted the Fourth Amendment and the Privacy Clause of the Illinois Constitution (Article I, Section 6) as a rebuttal for these devices.

If the bill were to be passed, officers in Illinois would be forced to obtain warrants before the use of these devices. In addition, the bill would also require officers to delete any cell-phone information that is not the target of an investigation. With law enforcement all over the country trying to conceal the use of Stingrays, reform is needed to ensure everyone’s rights. Nicole Rhim

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