In Illinois, the penalties for drug charges can be severe. Drug charges are based upon quantity, intent to sell or distribute, and other factors such as weapons possession or use, evidence of sales activity (like possession of large quantities of cash), among various others. Possession with intent to deliver is considered a more serious offense and is thus punished more severely than simple possession as well.

Every scenario is different and so the consequences of drug charges can change. Edward Johnson is dedicated to helping you fully understand your unique case and how to best fight all drug charges. From drug possession to drug addiction, Edward can provide you with not only competent and effective legal counsel but also the support and tools you need to move forward and start fresh from your drug charges.

For more information regarding treatment and rehabilitation, see our Rehabilitation Section. Our services do not end with the end of the defense. If you are suffering from drug addiction, we are committed to helping you receive the treatment you need.

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