Police Shootings Will Not Stop

With recent shootings of individuals progressing from simple traffic stops, citizens and civil right groups are left wondering how to stop this escalation from happening.   One can name numerous cases of traffic stops ending in death; Sandra Bland from Texas was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal and Philando Castile from Minnesota was stopped after an alleged tail light was out.  These incidents indicate a bigger problem for our law enforcement.

Many citizens cite bad cops causing the incidents of shooting innocent citizens.  Although some cops may have insufficient training, racist practices, and reliance on excessive force, something else may contribute more so than any of these reasons.

The actual issue may come down to finances.  Police departments are forced to assist city officials in raising revenue by punishing victimless misdemeanors and infractions with excessively punitive citations.  Law enforcement may be more about political interests rather than public safety.  For example, in 2013 the city of Chicago invested in placing more speed cameras to protect children walking near schools and parks.  However, these cameras were found more along major roadways, a place least likely for child pedestrians to be hit.  Because of the speed camera program, $2.4 million in revenue was made from Chicago drivers.  The city would later change the guidelines and dismissed over $1 million in tickets.

This form of policiteering has resulted in indenturing the poor and increasing racist practices throughout the system.  These larger budgetary demands from local and state governments threaten relations between law enforcement and the public.  If other means of budgetary practices should be used to raise revenues, we may see decreases in violent escalations from law enforcement.  Nicole Rhim

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