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In May 2014, Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans ordered an investigation towards the Adult Probation Department based on allegations of law enforcement searching probationers’ homes without warrants, secretly teaming up with the Chicago Police Department and the FBI, and illegal searches for drugs, information, and guns.

Judge Evans even made a statement stating how outraged he was concerning the allegations.

I am outraged by these allegations which, if true, could be considered a blatant disregard of constitutional rights.

However, his outrage seems to have simmered, as there is no word from him on the results of this investigation.  The law firm of Laner Muchin was hired by Judge Evans to collect evidence of questionable conduct and warrant-less searches.  The investigation was supposed to be completed in sixty days; however, Judge Evans has made no comments on the findings to the public or the Chicago Tribune for over two years.

With the rights of probationers and future probationers’ rights at stake, Judge Evans should inform the public of the results of this investigation.

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