Chicago and Illinois Criminal Investigation Attorneys

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One of the most crucial steps in fighting the charges against a client is the investigation. In order to win a clients case, we must investigate all the alleged factual issues, including but not limited to, the location of the crime scene, any phone calls, all witnesses, the polices conduct, the physical evidence, conducting background checks and much more. It is important to our clients cases that we leave no stone unturned. At the Law Office of Edward Johnson, our legal team investigates every case thoroughly.


A strategy our office implements is the subpoena. There are two types, one to summon a person to testify in court and one to command a person or organization to produce physical documents that may be used in our clients cases. A subpoena duces tecum, is used to demand cell phone records, arrest videos, 911 calls, etc. We use these documents to build our case against the other side. We are extremely efficient at procuring evidence in this way. Thus, by using subpoenas, we are able to obtain crucial pieces of evidence for our clients.

Another area our office implements is the use of investigators. These investigators are mostly retired police officers who use their expertise to help investigate our clients cases. They assist in investigating witnesses against our clients. They also go out to the crime scenes to document the area and talk to any other people who the police may have not interviewed. They help admit evidence at our clients trials and so much more. By using investigators our office is able to build the strongest cases for our clients. For more information about our investigators click here.

It is of the utmost importance to build the strongest case for our clients and by working diligently to investigate on our clients behalf, we are able to satisfy this requirement. After all, at Edward Johnson and Associates PC, we believe that not all lawyers are created equal and that our clients should never settle for less than the best in their legal representation.