Criminal Conviction Appeals in Illinois

Facing a criminal conviction in Illinois? Discover how conviction appeals can offer a path to justice. Learn the steps, strategies, and why skilled legal representation is crucial. Read on to protect your rights.

Technological Trend: Warrants

The “Maps” application found on virtually all mobile phones has more than one use especially for law enforcement.  Recently, more warrants have been issued by law enforcement to collect information about the movements and activities of Android users.  By utilizing this strategy, law enforcement are able to chronicle the whereabouts …

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Chicago Police Perjury Problem

According to the Chicago Police Department’s mission statement, the department strives to fulfill their mission by attaining the highest degree of ethical behavior at all times.  However, this statement has been questioned by the general public and civil rights lawyers throughout the years. From the shooting of Laquan McDonald to …

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Dennis Hastert Gets 15 Month Sentence

On April 27, 2016, Dennis Hastert, one of the most powerful politicians in the nation, was sentenced by Federal Judge Thomas Durkin to 15 months in prison.  Hastert pled guilty to structuring bank transaction withdrawals to evade bank-reporting requirements.  Federal officials determined the reason for the hush money was to …

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North Carolina Law Backlash

On March 28, 2016, gay and transgender groups rallied together to challenge a new law instated last week by Republican Governor Pat McCroy.  The new law, known as the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, prevents cities and counties in North Carolina from extending protections to cover sexual orientation and …

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