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The Illinois Criminal Identification Act allows individuals in certain situations to clear arrests, charges, probation supervisions, or even convictions from their criminal records through expungement or sealing. With an expungement, all or part of your Illinois criminal record is actually physically destroyed so that it is no longer available for anyone to discover.

A sealed record is not destroyed but is made inaccessible by the general public. It is important to understand that while employers may not see the record, it will still be available for law enforcement and other authorities.

Most felony convictions may not qualify for sealing or expungement, the following may be some exceptions

  • Class 3 or Class 4 felonies
  • Certain drug-related felonies under the
  • Cannabis Control Act
  • Section 402 of the Controlled Substances Act
  • Some prostitution-related Class 4 felonies

Are Your Records Elgible to be Sealed or Expunged?

Not every record can be expunged or sealed. For example, criminal convictions and supervisions are generally not eligible for expungement under Illinois law. Certain types of felony probation are not considered to be convictions and, therefore, may be an exception to the law.

Because of the many possible exceptions, it is always important to have an experienced expungement lawyer review your individual situation.

You want your criminal record removed for a job? What’s next?

Great, but do not get too excited. To remove, expunge or seal an Illinois criminal record is not easy. There are between 5 – 10 forms you have to fill out, get records of your convictions, file with the appropriate circuit court and much more.

Our Expungement Attorneys Will Do All of That

Illinois criminal records are tough to get rid of, but we know how to do it better than any other firm.

How much does it cost to wipe your criminal record?

The amount depends on the type of case you have and the county where you are filing and additional court costs. Getting your criminal record expunged or sealed costs anywhere from $600 – $1500 in Illinois.

How to View and Challenge Criminal History Records in Illinois

Here is a step-by-step guide from the Illinois State Police:

  1. Any individual may approach any Illinois law enforcement or correctional facility or licensed fingerprint vendor agency during regular business hours for the purpose of obtaining the individual’s criminal history transcript through Illinois’ Access and Review process.
  2. In response to a request for a criminal history transcript, the facility, vendor or vendor agency shall obtain fingerprints from the individual and other identification information.
  3. The facility, vendor or vendor agency shall forward to the Illinois State Police the fingerprints and identifying information. Upon receipt and processing of the fingerprint submission, the Illinois State police will send the individual’s criminal history transcript with a Record Challenge form or, if no criminal history is found, a written statement so stating to the address provided by the individual or to the law enforcement or correctional facility.
  4. The individual may list the address of the law enforcement agency or correctional facility or his/her place of residence as the address where the criminal history transcript or written statement that no criminal history was found should be mailed. If mailed or transmitted to the facility, the individual shall be notified of the receipt of the criminal history transcript or statement, that no criminal history was found and shall release the document only to the individual. If the document is not retrieved within 45 days after notification to the individual, the facility shall destroy the criminal history transcript or statement that no criminal record was found.
  5. Upon receiving a Record Challenge form, the Illinois State Police will provide a written response informing the individual of any action taken by the Illinois State Police to correct the individual’s criminal history record. If the Illinois State Police determines that there are no corrections to be made, a statement to that fact will be provided to the individual as well.
  6. The Illinois State Police does not charge a fee for processing Access and Review or Record Challenge submissions. However, the agency providing the fingerprint service may charge a processing fee.

Our Illinois Expungement Special Offer:

Illinois Criminal Record Expungement
  • All services including zealous representation in court, before the Illinois Prisoner Review Board, or at an administrative hearing that we can assist you in further expungement services (additional cost). Please contact us for more information regarding additional services
Filing Services
200 – 500
  • – Filing fees: $60 to $220 by County.
  • – State Police Conviction Record – $20.
  • – Chicago Police Dept. RAP Sheet – $16