The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services filed a plan in February proposing a complete overhaul of the system.  U.S District Judge Jorge Alonso and a court-appointed panel of experts are currently reviewing the plan, which would entail numerous changes to the agency.  This plan includes up to 40 initiatives such as retraining employees, therapeutic foster care pilot programs, less time for youths to spend in residential treatment centers, and to improve accountability for the lives of the children supposed to be protected by this agency.

Although this plan has some positive changes, some aspects of the proposed plan fall short of solving key issues.  The Chicago Tribune cites issues such as placement shortages, not discussing the states budget crisis, and shutting down organizations intended to support these youths.

The new director of DCFS, George Sheldon, believes that one of the key issues, the state’s budget crisis, will be in place by late summer/ early fall.

The U.S District Judge Jorge Alonso will decide on whether the plan will be approved or not in June.  Nicole Rhim

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